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Non-Chemical Water Treatment System

Our non-chemical water treatment system is equipped with technologically advanced solutions. Engineered to help solve various problems that persist in boiler and cooling water systems, enGreen's Non-Chemical Water Treatment System, using the BacComber model, controls scale, corrosion and microbiological growth.


Bac Comber is built on a revolutionary concept of water treatment and realized through the foremost electronic technology.

BacComber water treatment system is a non-chemical technology that has proven results over the control of scaling, corrosion and microbiological growth including Legionella bacteria in cooling water and boiler applications. Using the patented Pulse Powered Time-Varying ULF (ultra low frequency) technology, the system efficiently eliminates the use of any dispersants and inhibitors. Efficient control of bacteria and algae growth is achieved without any microbiocides using MOx Power System together with ULF treatment.